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1 review
Grub hub got me a specialty pizza while I was on Bart, after they were only taking pickup orders. It was delivered on time and great communication with the driver confirming it had been delivered. I got home an hour later and ate pizza I otherwise wouldnt have been able to get at such s late hour.

The pizza of course is excellent; Ive been living here two years and this is always my first choice. I eat a lot of pizza (doesnt everybody?) and I know a good pie, this is great pizza, great sauce, quality ingredients, flavors really pop.


2 reviews
New York pizza is a great establishment with great food. I order from her very often. But I will never order from Grubhub again, whatever I asked for was a wrong, and I called multiple times to tell them for my two deliveries to call before they arrived and that never happened. Also part of my order was wrong. I spend aA lot of money on Grubhub and I am a pretty oil customer but I will never use them again


Top Reviewer
We order from NY Pizza frequently. They deliver quickly (about one hour) and the calzones / pizzas are really good. I like their chewy soft dough. The staff is very nice.

Loryssa Joie

1 review
The food was great! Especially the pizza. The delivery was just 5 minutes late so it's okay. Everything was nice and hot! Enjoyed it!


2 reviews
Appreciate the gluten free crust; they seem to use good kitchen practices to avoid cross contamination

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